Episode 16

Published on:

22nd Mar 2021

Alistair Brownlee - the making of the double Olympic champion triathlete

Alistair Brownlee gives Ellen and Richard a real insight into life as a triathlete. He won gold in Rio and London and has a whole sackful of other medals at World, European and Commonwealth level.

There's his brutal training schedule, his and his obvious passion for the sport. He talks about the pressures of London 2012, the hell of a bad injury just before the Games and the joy of gold.

Alistair reveals he's aiming to be in Tokyo and has his sights set on the up and coming qualifying events....but after Tokyo he plans to move in to the much longer distance Ironman events.

He talks about the High Performance mindset and credits his parents, a teacher, his coaches and his colleagues for getting him to where he is. He says endurance sport is about doing the simple things right over and over again.

We cover upbringing, training, inspiration, resilience and goals - all the factors needed to make a champion.

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Ellen White is an England football. Richard Whitehead is a double Paralympic gold medal winner

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Track & Ball with Ellen White and Richard Whitehead
England footballer Ellen White and Paralympic Gold Medal winner Richard Whitehead give a real insight into the world of elite sport
We're going to take you into the world of elite sport and give you a real insight in to what it's like to step over the white line and compete against the best. The athletes, the coaches, the support staff.

So who are we? Ellen White is a footballer with Manchester City and England. Ellen's got three world cups to her name and his England's leading all-time goal scorer in that competition.

Richard Whitehead MBE is a double gold winning athlete at the Paralympics, including a memorable day at the London Games in 2012. He's also set the world record for a double leg amputee in the marathon and half marathon.

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