Episode 19

Published on:

13th May 2021

David Weir CBE - the mental health challenges from childhood of a 6 x Paralympic gold medal winner

David Weir is one of the Paralympic greats. He won six gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 games as well as an 8 times winner of the London Marathon.

His ten Paralympic medals have come at a range of distances in his racing chair...from 200m to marathon.

He talks about his career and some of the tough mental battles he's had and his suicidal thoughts. He's outspoken on the way he feels he was treated by the sports rulers at the last Paralympics.

Through counselling he discovered he'd been depressed all of his life. He recalls crying as a young boy on a council estate because he wanted to be 'normal' and play football and ride a bike. He never addressed the issues until 2016 and he's now thankful he spoke out and believes he's in the best mental state he's ever been in.

David retired after Rio in 2016 but he's back and hungry for action in Tokyo this summer.

The "WeirWolf" has also developed a new way of coaching and set up the Weir Archer Academy to pass on knowledge, experience and enjoyment of sport to the next generation of disabled people.

Thanks for listening. Track and Ball is presented by England footballer Ellen White and Paralympic sprinter Richard Whitehead

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So who are we? Ellen White is a footballer with Manchester City and England. Ellen's got three world cups to her name and his England's leading all-time goal scorer in that competition.

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