Episode 4

Published on:

26th Nov 2020

The remarkable story of Tatyana McFadden

Her 17 Paralympic medals tell only a small part of the story of Tatyana McFadden. Not many athletes have had such a profound affect on daily life. In America, she's changed the law.

Tatyana was born in the Soviet Union with spina bifida and talks about her early life in an orphanage and the hardships she had to live through. She talks about being adopted and building a new life with her parents in the United States.

She developed a love of sport and at just 14 she was determined to make the US Paralympic team. It was a whirlwind year and on her first overseas trip she won a bronze medal in Athens in 2004.

But the experience was ultimately disappointing. The stadium in Athens was empty and there was little celebration or coverage of Paralympic athletes back home in the USA. So she decided to try to change that!

In this podcast series we're hoping to give you a greater insight into performance sport. We're finding there's always a lot to learn.

So who are we? Ellen White is an England footballer who has been to 3 World Cups. Richard Whitehead is a Paralympic sprinter who won gold in London and Rio.


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About the Podcast

Track & Ball with Ellen White and Richard Whitehead
England footballer Ellen White and Paralympic Gold Medal winner Richard Whitehead give a real insight into the world of elite sport
We're going to take you into the world of elite sport and give you a real insight in to what it's like to step over the white line and compete against the best. The athletes, the coaches, the support staff.

So who are we? Ellen White is a footballer with Manchester City and England. Ellen's got three world cups to her name and his England's leading all-time goal scorer in that competition.

Richard Whitehead MBE is a double gold winning athlete at the Paralympics, including a memorable day at the London Games in 2012. He's also set the world record for a double leg amputee in the marathon and half marathon.

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Ellen and Richard